About the Artists

Huang Suhuai (Playwright)

Huang Suhuai (b.1984) is a playwright and visual artist who was born in China and lives in Singapore. As playwright, she has written and translated many theatre plays including The Theatre Practice’s Nini in Changi Village (2014) and The Wee Question Mark Trilogy (2015-2019). She’s currently studying Fine Art at LASALLE College of the Arts. In 2020, she received the Prize for Excellence of International Takifuji Art Award.

Peng Jing (Playwright)

Born in China and currently based in Hong Kong, Peng Jing is currently studying for her masters in Playwriting and is also a part-time musician. She dislikes a black and white binary thinking and wants to examine the complexities of the larger world. From her writings to her worldview, Peng Jing has always seen art as a way to heal herself. Or rather, art allows her to dissect herself into small parts for the audience to enjoy.

Ting Shen (Playwright)

Born in a southern town of Taiwan, Ting graduated from Taipei National University of Art and holds a master degree in playwriting. She is currently living in Taipei and works as a playwright.

She has received the “Taiwan Literature Golden Award”, “Taipei Literature Award” and “Quanta Performing Arts Golden Creative Award”, and has regularly worked with theatre companies from Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Coppenhagen. Ting Shen has experience in playwriting, screenwriting, Theatre For Young Audiences and Taiwan Traditional Opera.

Kuo Jian Hong (Director)

Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice (Practice), award-winning theatre director, lighting and set designer, and independent filmmaker, Jian Hong has always taken on multi-faceted roles within the arts.

Jian Hong’s artistic vision encompasses the broad spectrum of Practice’s artistic output, which transcends themes, genres and forms. She is best known for being a pioneer in the Chinese language musical theatre genre with beloved works like If There’re Seasons…, Lao Jiu: The Musical and Liao Zhai Rocks! Her experimental ventures include I came at last to the seas, where she led a team of international artists in the first-ever full commission by a Singaporean theatre company for the Esplanade Theatre by Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts. Meanwhile, her advocacy for the development of theatre for young audiences has led her to create award-winning works such as The Wee Question Mark series and three-part initiative: The Nursery Rhymes Project.

As a veteran arts practitioner, Jian Hong is active in developing the cultural landscape of Singapore. Under her direction, Practice continues to a vital voice in the local arts scene, while charging ahead in its mission to always be a voice for the underdog. 

Jonathan Lim (Director)

Writer, director & actor Jonathan Lim is a graduate of Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), and is the creator/writer of Singapore’s longest-running live parody sketch show Chestnuts.

Playwriting credits range from musicals like 梁Ju The Musical for LOVE 97.2FM and H Is For Hantu; WILD RICE pantomimes Oi! Sleeping Beauty!!, Aladdin and A $ingapore Carol; and plays like People Say Got Ghost, his one-man show On This Emerald Hill; and the multilingual The Bride Always Knocks Twice for The Theatre Practice.

Screenwriting credits include the telemovie +65, the lyrics to Royston Tan’s CUT, Eric Khoo’s erotic feature film In The Room and the sitcom Meet the MP.

He also published Between Gods And Ghosts – a book on the Chinese supernatural landscape in Singapore.

His recent site-specific works include the immersive cabaret comedy Diva to the Death and the kampung ghost adventure KURSED.

Ric Liu (Director)

Ric Liu is a Singaporean singer, actor, director, photographer and designer.

He has been active in Singapore’s Theatre scene for over 10 years now.

Ric is the first Theatre Practicioner to be awarded the “National Art Council & École Philippe Gaulier Residency Award” to study Theatre Performance under French Master Clown, Philippe Gaulier, in France.

Ric had written and directed The Nude, Echo and The Antidote.

He also directed Singapore Theatre Festival’s G.F.E., and Dim Sum Warriors, a short theatrical piece for Speak Mandarin Campaign 2020, which was being praised by Singapore’s Prime Minister.

Ric was also the co-director and filming director for the critically acclaimed Online Mystery Theatre piece, BODY X: The Culprit, and he was the co-director for Esplanade’s 2021 Huayi Festival’s main theatre performance, All The World Is One’s Stage.

FERRY (Sound Artist)

FERRY is an installation artist, musician, educator, and collaborator. Honed through a practice that spans design, music, art, education and theatre, FERRY’s edge is in the ability to synthesise ideas and practices from diverse fields, utilising different methodologies to create audience experiences that engage through multiple means.

Her works range from large-scale installations such as Sky Kave – first commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (May 2018), recommissioned for Reflections Festival (Oct 2018) and Light to Night Festival (Jan 2019) – to collaborative performances with various art makers such as Songs of Tau for Project Utopia – The Theatre Practice (Aug 2019). Her latest collaboration O/Aural Waves with Kamini Ramachandran (Textures, Mar 2020 & Esplanade, Oct 2019) is a hybrid work that merges storytelling, live foley and set installation.

Driven by ideas and the audiences’ experience regardless of form, she continues to devise pieces that challenge and change perspectives, especially those surrounding social issues. FERRY is currently an associate artist with The Theatre Practice and is pursuing her Masters in Pedagogy & Practice (Goldsmith’s, University of London – Lasalle 2020).

Guo Ningru (Sound Artist)

Ning recently returned to Singapore after graduating with a MFA in Sound Design from the University of California Irvine (UCI). She was a recipient of the National Arts Scholarship by the Singapore National Arts Council in 2016. Over the past decade, Ning has designed sound for numerous plays and musicals in Singapore and the local region. She especially enjoys exploring immersive spatial audio for theatrical performances. Her Masters Thesis, Going Immersive – Spatial Audio for Theatre, details the current technologies and methods in Spatial Audio for sound designers to utilise in theatrical performances.

Her recent works include composition for The Importance of Being Earnest (UCI), sound design for Lifespan of a Fact (Singapore Repertory Theatre), and system design for Phenoumenon (T.H.E Dance Company).

Ning is also committed to educating and influencing the younger generation of sound designers in Singapore, as well as developing the awareness and appreciation for sound design in the local community.

Sandra Tay (Sound Artist)

She began her career as an audio technician and operator in 1998. Trained in audio engineering and music production, Sandra is a home-grown freelance audio professional. Over the years, she has engineered and designed for corporate events, school shows, theatres and international touring productions. Her collaboration with The Theatre Practice includes The Bride Always Knocks Twice, The Soldier and His Virtuous Wife, The Silly Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree, The Story After Ah Q and I came at last to the seas.

Ang Xiao Ting (Ensemble)

Ang Xiao Ting is a performance-maker, performer and dramaturg based in Singapore. She considers herself an “enabler of creative ideas” and is always on the lookout to create avenues for a shared human experience, regardless of whatever form that may take.

As a multi-hyphenated practitioner, Ang engages in a variety of contexts. She is the co-founder of performance collective: Chop Chilli Chop, programmer for Practice Tuckshop and Associate Artist of The Theatre Practice. Meanwhile, her current research involves examining different ways of documenting theatre-making processes. In terms of her performance practice, her solo work Blank Run toured to the Shanghai ACT Festival, World Stage Design Taipei and was featured in the M1 Chinese Theatre Festival, along with the support of AWARE Singapore and the Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC).

Ang graduated from Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts (LICA), Lancaster University, UK, where she received the LICA prize for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre. She was also a recipient of the Singapore National Arts Council Undergraduate Scholarship (2012 – 2015). 

Jodi Chan (Ensemble)

Jodi graduated from the University of Exeter, UK, with a Master of Arts degree in Theatre Practice – Physical Performance & Actor Training (Distinction). Her affinity with theatre began in secondary school, where she first performed on stage. Since 2014, she has been working professionally as a theatre performer and educator. Her recent acting credits include First Fleet (Nine Years Theatre), 7 Sages of the Bamboo Grove (Toy Factory), Chinatown Crossings (Drama Box), Rubbish Prince (3Pumpkins) and Four Horse Road (The Theatre Practice).

Isabella Chiam (Ensemble)

Isabella Chiam is an actor, puppeteer & theatre-maker based in Singapore.

Trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with a Masters in Theatre, Isabella has performed internationally, collaborating in productions across Asia & Europe like The Story After Ah Q (HK/SG), The Commuters (The Knotted Project, UK), Round the Moon (HK/JPN/SG) & Snow Queen (Polka Theatre, UK). Isabella was also twice-nominated and won for “Best Ensemble” at the Life! Theatre Awards, and is a National Arts Council (SG) Arts & Heritage Scholar.

Isabella has a deep interest in movement, collaborative devising & actor training, and continues to teach acting & theatre-making at institutions in UK & Singapore like the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art as part of her practice. Her most recent works include A Collection of Things (Issy x Cher) and Oddsocks (Five Stones Theatre). Isabella is an Associate Artist with The Theatre Practice, and is a founding member of theatre collective Five Stones Theatre.

Chong Woon Yong (Ensemble)

Graduated with a BA from NUS’ Theatre Studies Programme in 2011. Woon Yong is a bilingual performer and writer. He is a founding member of experimental theatre company Emergency Stairs.

As a performer, his was seen in Merdeka (W!LD RICE), Self-Portrait (Access Path Productions), Offstage 3.0 (M1 Fringe Festival 2021), Oedipus (Toy Factory Productions), FRAGO (Checkpoint Theatre), PRISM (Toy Factory Productions), GRIND (Toy Factory Productions), The Struggle: Years Later (The Theatre Practice), etc.

In 2018, he wrote and performed in the bilingual monologue G.F.E., presented by W!LD RICE’s Singapore Theatre Festival 2018.

Hang Qian Chou (Ensemble)

This is Qian Chou’s tenth production with The Theatre Practice, having previously worked on all three runs of  “If There’re Seasons…“, Lao Jiu: The Musical 2012 & 2017, Liao Zhai Rocks! 2010, Legends of the Southern Arch and Playwrights’ Bootcamp 2011 & 2020.

He graduated from NUS Theatre Studies and has also trained at Anne Bogart’s SITI Company (Saratoga Springs, US), Ecole Philippe Gaulier (Paris, France) and David Diamond’s Theatre for Living (Vancouver, Canada).

He has been nominated ten times for Best Ensemble at the Straits Times LIFE! Theatre Awards, winning five times for Art Studio, Red Sky, Twelve Angry Men, Mad Forest and Lao Jiu: The Musical 2012. He was also in the team that won Production of the Year last year for First Fleet.

Qian Chou is a founding and core member of the Nine Years Theatre Ensemble

Kwan Chun Long (Ensemble)

Kwan Chun Long hopes that one day, the impact of theatre can be visible to a point that the society is free from oppression, where everyone can speak freely with respect for the differences between them. He has acted in Body X – The Culprit (2020), Knots (STRANGER 2019), Confessions in SCENES: FORUM THEATRE (Drama Box, 2015), Project Mending Sky: US – Man, The Forest, The Monkey Man, The Tigers And The Elephants (Drama Box, 2012). Chun Long is currently studying in National University of Singapore, majoring in Economics. He is interested in writing scripts to put his little stories on stage.

Ng Mun Poh (Ensemble)

Mun Poh is a theatre practitioner, performer and educator. She has been in many productions such as Four Horse Road, Immortalx, The wee Question Mark series: The wee Question Mark and the Adventurer, The wee Question Mark and the Nameless, The wee Question Mark and the Mountain Movers, Day I Met the Prince, Artist Farm, and Legends of the Southern Arch among others. She trained with The Theatre Practice’s Actor’s Lab from 2014-2016. Her performance credits with Lab include The Nude, Upstream and Uproot. As a strong advocate for children drama education, Mun Poh performed and taught in many primary and secondary schools in Singapore. Be it rehearsing, performing and teaching, she continues to explore her relationship with self and others through her work.

Vester Ng Kian Soon (Ensemble)

Vester joined the LASALLE College of the Arts’ BA(Hons) Musical Theatre programme, after previously studying at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ Diploma in English Theatre programme. His credits include Fantastic Mr Fox (SRT), The LKY Musical (Metropolitan), Fat Kids are harder to kidnap (HowTheatre), Metamorphosis (Matt Grey), Urinetown (George Torbay), Fiddler on the Roof (Emily Maltby) and Aida (Joe Barros). Vester also has experience in local films and television, and wishes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry in all its forms.

XL (Ensemble)

Xia Lin is currently a student in NAFA English Theatre programme. She is a highly-energetic and collaborative team player who takes pride in being punctual and dependable. She has four years of professional experience in stage acting and has done voiceover on stage and in commercials. During her time in NAFA, her acting credits include: Absent Friends (Alan Ayckbourn, 2017), Fairy Godfather (Singapore Play, 2017), High Class (Local Play, 2018), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Simon Stephens, 2018), Sisterhood (Autobiography Solo Performance, 2019), and Ashes, Ashes (Toyfactory x NAFA Production, 2020).

She is also a part-time drama teacher in a kindergarten, and an individual who actively participates in various art forms including Film and Media, and she has also participated in singing competitions. Her awards and achievements include: Youth Got Talent competition (1st runner-up) and I Miss You – NAFA Film & Media.