About M1 Patch! 2019 Artwork

Every year, our Patch! mascot, a tiny human figure riding atop a whale, takes a trip through a different portal and brings audiences into a brand new world.

Each world is brought to life by different artists, whom have been invited to interpret these different dimensions of play.

Journey into this year’s world below:

About the Artwork

I started with the phrase “the openness that a curious mind affords us”. I was inspired by the ordinary sights I see on my way to work and how these buildings and trees can become fantastical when we use our creativity to see them through different perspectives. For example, in real life these objects are rooted to the ground, but what if they were to grow organically from a body?

A motif that always appears in my work are figures called Angmoteh, which are conjoined humanoid figures with separate consciousnesses. Here, I imagined this Angmoteh to be the physical embodiment of the world of play itself. Play is all about poking at norms and challenging perceptions – while these figures appear normal at first glance, a second look suggests something far more subversive and playful!

The world through my eyes is never static or uniform. For this artwork, I used a blend of different textures and colour gradients, achieved through creating acrylic, spray paint and ink samples and digitally manipulating it after. As these colours dance and melt together, it gives the artwork a strong sense of movement and life, thus reflecting the irrepressible spirit of play.

Teh Xiang Her
Graphic Designer and Illustrator

About the Artist

Teh Xiang Her is a Malaysian graphic designer and illustrator. She is also the creator of her alter ego character – Angmoteh. She is passionate about creating characters that are inspired by people around her, and she endeavours to experiment the mixing of analogue and digital mediums, as well as explore diversifying colours and textures.

Xiang Her currently oversees the visual communications at The Theatre Practice and develops the brand identity for the organisation. She also designs the key visuals for Practice’s theatre productions and programmes. Most recently, she was the illustrator for the festival key visual for M1 Patch! A Theatre Festival of Artful Play 2019.