About Patch! 2021 Artwork

Every year, our Patch! Mascot, a tiny human figure riding atop a whale, takes a trip through a different puddle-portal and into a brand new world.

Each world is brought to life by different artists, who we invite to interpret these different dimensions of play. Journey into this year’s world below:

About the Artwork

“As a fan of Japanese pop culture and anime, I immediately thought of a gachapon (capsule toy vending machine) as a symbol to represent the festival. While every gachapon machine contains a fixed set of toys and figurines, what you actually receive is a surprise. Each twist of the lever yields unknown possibilities! It not only reflects the festival’s eclectic programmes and productions, it also encapsulates the unexpected and fun nature of Patch!.

I’m not a very adventurous person by nature. As a former concept artist, I am used to working off very specific design briefs to create character designs or animation backgrounds. Interpreting the intangible (ethos, values, spirit) into an original work is something I am less familiar with. However, I was really inspired by the spirit of the festival and decided to use this opportunity to give myself the freedom to play, experiment and try something new.

This idea of “breaking boundaries” became a central theme in both my process and the artwork itself. The gachapon’s chute is taped up, representing the rules and assumptions that have always bound us. Yet the spirit of play is uncontainable. As the capsules break the glass and explode towards the sky, there is a palpable upward momentum that conveys a sense of freedom and exuberance.”

Yin Zhi Yan

About the Artist

Yin Zhi Yan (@Bakeddeer) is an artist and an anime fan. She loves to analyze visual languages and possesses an endless curiosity in the social sciences.

Originally from China and currently based in Singapore, Zhi Yan is currently part of the visual communications team at The Theatre Practice. She was previously a concept artist for animated TV series, films and various independent projects.

Zhi Yan graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on communication and studies in popular culture.