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Play Play

A world of play exploding with emotions. A world of imagination explored through expressive bodies.

Created by Kuo Jing Hong and Ong Guat Teng, Play Play is about rediscovering the freedom within ourselves to play, and about finding how to see everything around us as a game: not to win but to enjoy every moment of it, not to succeed but to discover the infinite possibilities.

As identities transmute in accord with the fluid settings and narratives traverse horizontally across time and space, the four performers who uses their bodies to manifest settings and create sound effects in a stunning display of physical theatre and movement.

Play Play was presented as part of The Theatre Practice’s Poor Theatre Series and has also been presented at the Happy Asia Theatre Festival 2006 (Shanghai), Fat Bird Theatre 2006 (Shen Zhen) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2006 (Hong Kong) and the Darwin Festival 2007 (Australia).

Date: 7 – 15 May 2005

Venue: The Theatre Practice | Studio 4

Created by: Kuo Jian Hong & Ong Guat Teng

Cast: Kuo Jian Hong, Liu Xiao Yi, Wong Yang Tsheng, Emanorwatty Bte Md. Saleh

“I am proud to have them as part of the program. Theatre plays an important role in society; it has the ability to communicate like no other medium can. I urge theatre lovers to make the time to come out and be stimulated”

Malcom Blaylock, Darwin Festival Artistic Director