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Play With... Power

“Games teach us about power. Power is how we relate and interact with each other.”

Accommodate’s online land-use simulation game challenges you to roleplay as Singapore Ministry Officers. Navigate power and responsibility — flex your strategic brain as you collaborate with teammates and negotiate with competing ministries.

Get competitive or work together… What will Singapore look like in your hands?

Play With… Power is a multiplayer game experience hosted on Discord and Zoom. Participants can choose to play as individual officers or purchase tickets as a group to form a full ministry (5 pax).

Date: 02.08.2020 (Sun) & 16.08.2020 (Sun)
Time: 1pm
Duration: 2.5 hours
Venue: Online
Ticket Price: 1 Pax – $8 | 2 Pax – $15 | Group of 5 – $35 
Session is conducted in English
Recommended for ages 15 and up
Book here:

Festival: M1 Patch! A (Live) Theatre Festival of Play

Youth Collective

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Accommodate aims to transform knowledge into meaning through novel learning experiences for a more sustainable future. The core of Accommodate is a land-use simulation game where participants role-play as ministry officers to redevelop Singapore’s land.

Accommodate is first and foremost, a collection of stories. Stories of changes we see in the built environment over time and space in reality, which reveals to us what Singapore is like – people, places and priorities.

During the simulation game, participants are encouraged to examine their realities. Participants get to role-play and discover for themselves the complexity of issues related to land-redevelopment in Singapore, with issues involving environmental, cultural and socio-economic perspectives and multiple stakeholders. Participants will get to experience for themselves various concepts such as trade-offs, priorities and the need for communication and collaboration during the game.

“For Accommodate, a group that was started with the realisation that sectors in Singapore often worked in silos and rarely experienced intersectional planning, Play with…Power certainly opens our eyes up to the importance of doing that. And for players themselves, at least for one Sunday afternoon, we spent it feeling like we had a little bit more say than usual in deciding our future, and perhaps, would learn to become more invested in the going-ons of this country.” – Bakchormeeboy