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Play With... Skins

“When I dress someone, the first thing I consider is their personality, not their body shape.”

Clothes are the skin you show the world. Join Fashion and Costume Designer Max Tan (MAX.TAN) on an exploration of dressing and self-expression. Known for his androgynous designs and signature deconstruction and draping techniques, Max is one of Singapore’s most established womenswear designers.

Become both designer and model by creating “bespoke” garments using nothing but fabric and pins. Forget conventional fashion rules and have a conversation with your body instead. Find what works FOR YOU.

Play With… Skins is an online experience and includes a set of workshop materials.

Date: 01.08.2020 (Sat)
Time: 3pm
Duration: 2 hours 
Venue: Online
Ticket price: 1 Pax – $30 | 2 Pax – $50 (excludes material delivery fee)
Session is conducted in English
Recommended for ages 18 and up
Book here:

Festival: M1 Patch! A (Live) Theatre Festival of Play

Fashion Designer

Experiments with quirk cuts and expanding on extremely simple ideas define the MAX.TAN language. Maximising on minimalistic ideas, this complex language results in details that are sometimes blown out of proportion. Much of the label’s attention is paid to tailoring and draping while creating unexpected silhouettes and austere moods. The garments play with volume, modified shapes and use, masculine, feminine, oversized, undersized, deconstruction, reconstruction and transformation.

The label designed its first collection in 2010 and has since been featured on numerous international publications and participated on platforms such as Modefabriek (Amsterdam) and Who is on next? Dubai (organised by Vogue Italia) just to name a few. Besides designing for the bi-annual ready to wear collections, MAX.TAN has also extended its designing language into costume designs in theatre productions. In 2017, its second foray into costume design won Best Costume Design in the Life Theatre Awards, 2017.

“And we realise that amidst the fashion aspect of the workshop, we’ve walked away with an important life lesson – sometimes, by changing your perspective and outlook on life, and removing your own mental blocks, you re-learn how to find value in everything that you are, and empower yourself through the power of play.” – Bakchormeeboy