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Playwrights' Bootcamp

18, 20 & 22.08.2020 (Tue, Thu & Sat)

48 hours of frantic writing + 6 hours of non-stop rehearsals and development = ???

Playwrights’ Bootcamp is back! Three Singaporean and international Mandarin playwrights are given just 48 hours to produce a brand new original script. The finished scripts are then given to three directors, who will work with actors and sound artists to bring the works to life. There’s just one catch… the playwrights are only allowed to communicate with the directors AFTER the works have undergone the ultimate test: an audience’s scrutiny. To make things even tricker, the entire process — from the initial writing, to rehearsals, to the final presentation — will take place online.

Instead of a full week allocated in previous editions, our playwrights are given just two days to write. With no time to overthink, they must trust their instincts to find literary gold! While they explore the capabilities of this new platform, they also need to consider short rehearsal times and limited staging options. What new discoveries will emerge when theatre goes digital?

More than a simple writing exercise, Playwrights’ Bootcamp is the ultimate test of our artists’ craft and creativity. The results are out… are you ready?

Date: 18, 20 & 22.08.2020 (Tue, Thu & Sat)
Time: 8pm
Duration: 1.5 hours (includes post-presentation dialogue; no intermission)
Venue: Online – livestreaming
Ticket Price: Pay-as-you-wish ($5 – $50)
Presented in Mandarin (no surtitles)
Book here:

Festival: M1 Patch! A (Live) Theatre Festival of Play

Creative Team

Lee Wai Lok (Hong Kong)
Lin Meng-huan (Taiwan)
Su Chun Ying (Singapore)

Kuo Jian Hong
Jonathan Lim
Liu Xiaoyi

Sound Artists
Inch Chua
Sandra Tay Kiat Ching

Ang Xiao Ting
Jodi Chan
Isabella Chiam
Chong Woon Yong
Hang Qian Chou
Ric Liu
Ng Johnny
Ng Mun Poh
Yeo Lyle

Production Team

Tan Yi Lin Michelle

Production Manager
Lam Dan Fong

Technical Director
Lee Bee Bee

OBS Programmer
Woo E-hui

Stage Managers
Lai Jingwen
Lee Bee Bee
Rachel Ong

“The performance ended with us impressed by what each team had achieved in such a short amount of time, knowing that this was no easy feat to complete, let alone do well. In allowing their creativity to run wild with total freedom limited only by time, Playwrights’ Bootcamp is a fascinating display of how the right amount of pressure can lead to some truly original work, and how the art of play produces concrete results.” – Bakchormeeboy