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“We defied those who predicted we would fall within a year. But honestly, none of us knew then how long we would last. The creation of this theatre company has been as much a design as an accident.”

– Kuo Pao Kun, 1996

ABOUT PRACTICE 55 (27.11.2020-29.11.2020)

When Kuo Pao Kun and Goh Lay Kuan founded The Theatre Practice, it began with the simple desire to create a home that nurtures and empowers. This home has continued to flourish under the helm of current Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong.

Thousands of artists, students and supporters known collectively as “Jian Rens”, have passed through our doors. From this community of incredibly diverse individuals, our impact continues to transcend language, borders, and form.

In a reunion unlike any other, PRACTICE 55 celebrates five and a half decades with an epic 55-hour livestream. Experience the Practice Kampung spirit through an online convergence of our milestones and community.

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Join us as we share more than five decades of memories and stories. Explore key highlights of PRACTICE 55 through our curated playlists, or just pick a random video to start!

Exploring New Frontiers: Practice’s Journey Through The Ages

From humble beginnings as a performing arts school to a theatre institution, get to know the story of Singapore’s longest running bilingual theatre company.

  • Introduction: PRACTICE 55
  • SPACES: Sommerville Walk
  • STORIES: When We Were Young…
  • STORIES: Dramatically Speaking
  • SPACES: Stamford Arts Centre
  • STORIES: Post-KPK Era
  • SPACES: 54 Waterloo Street

Artistically Diverse and Constantly Relevant: Presenting Authentic Singapore Voices Through The Arts

Nurturing generations of arts leaders, Practice’s influence on Singapore Arts transcends genre or artform. Discover the Singapore arts scene through this illustrious group of Jian Rens.

  • STORIES: Pioneers & Mentors of Singapore English Language Theatre
  • STORIES: Silly Conversations about Serious Musicals (Original Chinese Language Musicals)
  • STORIES: I am Lao Jiu (Chinese Language Theatre)
  • STORIES: I Dance My Dance (Dance)
  • STORIES: Creative Chaos (Technical Theatre)

Artist-Driven and Deeply Progressive: Exploring Our Arts Landscape Today

What does it mean to build a sustainable and vibrant arts community? Join arts leaders across the world as they discuss some of the current issues surrounding the arts world today.

  • STORIES: In Search of “Space” for the Arts (Placemaking)
  • STORIES: With Danny Yung (Interculturalism)
  • STORIES: Arts in Crisis
  • STORIES: Why Arts Education? (Outreach and Advocacy)

Welcome To The Practice Kampung!

Diverse as they seem, the link between our initiatives and our Jian Rens is the desire to make a difference through the arts. Brought together by the irrepressible spirit and fearless experimentation of play, join our family for hours of laughter, stories and fun!

  • STORIES: Silly Conversations about Serious Musicals
  • PLAY: Call Time!
  • STORIES: When We Were Young…
  • HOMECOMING: Here Comes Lao Jiu!
  • PLAY: Online Recess Time
  • PLAY: Tracing the Sunrise

The Full Experience: 55 Years of Practice

Can’t get enough of us? (Re)experience the whole of Practice 55 with our comprehensive playlist!

  • All programmes (chronological)