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Practice 55

“We defied those who predicted we would fall within a year. But honestly, none of us knew then how long we would last. The creation of this theatre company has been as much a design as an accident.”

– Kuo Pao Kun, 1996

55 years later, Practice is still here. 

When Kuo Pao Kun and Goh Lay Kuan founded The Theatre Practice, it began with the simple desire to create a home that nurtures and empowers. 

Since then, thousands of artists, students and supporters known collectively as “Jian Rens”, have passed through our doors. From this community of incredibly diverse individuals, our impact continues to transcend language, borders, and form. 

This year, we’re reuniting for a homecoming unlike any other! PRACTICE 55 celebrates five and a half decades with an epic 55-hour livestream. Experience the Practice Kampung spirit through an online convergence of our milestones and community. 

We all need a party, now more than ever. So what are you waiting for?