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Green Is Born of Blue, But Outshines Blue

“Green Is Born of Blue, But Outshines Blue” is a Chinese idiom describing someone who has become better than their predecessors.

Inspired by The Theatre Practice (Practice)’s history as Singapore’s longest running bilingual theatre institution, “Green Is Born of Blue, But Outshines Blue” encapsulates its evergreen spirit and commitment towards fearless exploration, across generations.

The mural features the Practice logo, an abstract maize plant inspired by a poem written by co-founder Kuo Pao Kun. Wrapped around a map Waterloo Street, it symbolises Practice’s multifaceted relationship with the street — as a long-term resident and a conduit for its stories. With dynamic lines surging upwards in striking blue and green, it showcases Practice’s tenacity in overcoming challenges, as it continues to nurture and influence Singapore’s arts and culture scene.

“The world does not treat us unkindly or forget us
in the midst of solitude
even the maize teaches me generously each day:
let the shoots rise up high
take in all the sunlight
and embrace the love of the wind and rain
let the roots reach down deep
suck in all the nutrients
and keep the body firm
only wishing that in the rich harvest
transforming all that it has
into a few fruits and offers them to mankind.”

—  Kuo Pao Kun, 1977