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Practice Tuckshop Incubation 2019 - Hello, How Do You Move?

We’ve invited some new friends to play in our newest playground – Practice Tuckshop!

Practice Tuckshop is a creative playground for all. Much like a black box for unconventional works, Practice Tuckshop seeks to consistently push the boundaries of art-making and challenge the parameters of what “theatre” can be. We provide resources and support to incubate and grow diverse ideas, especially those that artistically respond to the space.

Practice Tuckshop is pleased to welcome Rachel Nip and Ammar, who will be developing their project Hello, How Do You Move?. The first stage of the incubation process will culminate in a series of closed-door showcases during M1 Patch!.

Hello, How Do You Move? is a research and performance project created by Rachel Nip, a hearing choreographer/dancer and Ammar, a Deaf choreographer/dancer. The project explores how people of different abilities communicate through movement and different senses. This research will later be presented as a site-specific structured improvisation dance performance, followed by a Q&A session discussing the duo’s devising processes in creating compositions that celebrate diversity, movement and communication through our different senses. 

Follow Ammar and Rachel’s journey and track their progress online on Hello, How Do You Move’s Facebook page @SayHiWithMovement.

Date: 24 – 25.08.2019

Venue: Practice Tuckshop

Festival: M1 Patch! A Theatre Festival of Artful Play 2019