The Nursery Rhymes Project 2: Paint Our Songs


A gift handed down from one generation to the next…

Travel to the whimsical watercolour worlds of Nursery Rhymes, as popular Singaporean illustrator Lee Kow Fong (Ah Guo) brings to life the imaginative wonders of nursery rhymes, with a dash of local flavour.

Each Paint Our Songs illustrated lyric book comes with the corresponding Sing Our Songs soundtrack. Fun, surprising and immensely catchy, award-winning musician Julian Wong’s original arrangements bring our signature light touch to classic children’s songs, featuring the voices of Singapore’s top singers and musical theatre talents.

 The Nursery Rhymes Project 2 Song List

  1. The Turkey in the Straw Field
  2. My Little Donkey
  3. Catching Loaches
  4. Two Tigers
  5. The Stream By My Home
  6. Poplar Tree
  7. The Trishaw (Narrated)
  8. The Trishaw (Sung)
  9. The Whisper of the West Wind
  10. Make a Phone Call
  11. In This World, Mothers Are Best
  12. The Country Road
  13. Day I Met The Stars

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