The Theatre Practice Collection of Original Scripts 3: Poor Theatre Series


Wu Jun Ru and You and Me and Him (2004)

Missing Person
Name: Wu Jun Ru
Age: Unknown
Height: Average
Special traits: Quiet, elusive, temperamental, unpredictable

You and me and him are waiting looking searching urgently for Wu Jun Ru. Your childhood pal, or my soul mate, or his buddy. Don’t know how to find, who can help? Can find without photo? Date of missing can’t remember, can still find? If you have information, please contact you, me or him. Thank you everyone!

Long-forgotten memories resurface when a delivery man delivers a letter to an amnesiac living in an old folks home, signed by the mysterious Wu Jun Ru. Yet no one seems to know who he is or what his relationship is to them. Director Kuo Jian Hong leads three actors to create this devised text-based work. Featuring a dynamic conceptual set design by Kuo Jian Hong, this surreal production explores the fleeting, seemingly insignificant moments in our memory and what happens when they finally resurface.

Wu jun ru and you and me and him was nominated for Best Ensemble Acting for the 2004 Life! Theatre Awards.

Cat Man (2006)

In a town with no name, there lives a man troubled by strange nightmares: he only dreams of cats. On one fateful dawn, this man chances upon a cat, and the two realize that they can communicate with each other. This strange encounter precipitates a course of events where the man meets odd characters and soon starts losing his grip on reality, not knowing if all this cat business is a dream or if, in fact, it is real, so real that he is turning into a cat…

A castrated cat becomes meek and timid- so what does this say about a man who finds himself nightmarishly slipping between human and cat? “Catman” is a quirky and inquisitive play written by Liu Xiaoyi and directed by Alvin Chiam. The text-based work is a nightmarish absurdist take on emotional castration and our search for identity in the modern world.

Catman was also presented as part of The Creative Asia Festival 2007 (Shanghai) and the Macau Black Box Series 2008 (Macau).

Man To Man (2010)

Confucius advocates that every man has his place.

Man to Man stages a series of encounters between two men to explore male identity. Through the relationship of “father and son”, we explore the depths of war and humanity, patriarchy and violence, tradition and rebellion. This text-based work examines the complexities of situating gender within the order of the world.

About The Poor Theatre Series:

A cradle for practitioners to devise new works and experiment with the theatrical form, The Theatre Practice’s Poor Theatre Series (2003-2013) brought together theatre veterans and emerging performers to co-mingle, collide and create.

Published as part of The Theatre Practice’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.



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