Recess Time (Patch! Edition)

Recess Time is a lunch party at the heart of the Singapore arts district – 58 Waterloo Street! On selected Fridays, Makan Masters put their creative expressions on a plate, while foodies gather over a delicious, yet affordable meal. Limited reservation slots are available via the Practice Tuckshop Facebook page.

A Meal From the Heart: Enjoy a yummy three-course meal and drink, and get to know our chefs. You’ll never guess what these Makan Masters will be serving up! 

Eat For A Cause: Combat food waste with our Makan Masters, who are challenged to incorporate rescued produce into their cooking.  

Pop-up Communal Dining: Leave with a full stomach and meet our Kaypoh King/Queen, as we swap stories about our favourite memories associated with food!

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Date & Time:
26.03.2021 (Fri), 12pm/1pm/7pm
09.04.2021 (Fri), 12pm/1pm
Duration: 1 hour
Minimum donation $8

Festival: Patch! A (Live) Theatre Festival of Play