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Be My Guest

It is not just a ticket to a show, it is the key to a world of limitless possibilities. 

At Practice, we believe in the importance of engaging and empowering people through the arts, and making theatre accessible for EVERYONE. 

In 2012, we created the Be My Guest programme (BMG) — an initiative that invites those with limited access to a theatre production!

Reaching out to underserved communities like students, low-income families and disadvantaged groups, every donation to the programme goes directly into providing them with fully-subsidised tickets to Practice’s productions. 

Since its inception, we have hosted over 750 beneficiaries, and provided tickets to over 20 productions!

Our beneficiaries include

  • Shan You
  • Christian Outreach to the Handicapped
  • MWS Charis ACE – Geylang East
  • Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC)
  • O’Joy Care Services
  • FaithActs
  • Montfort Care
  • Fei Yue Family Service Centre
  • The RICE Company
  • Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
  • St Luke’s Eldercare
  • Institute of Technical Education
  • Intercultural Theatre Institute
  • Bedok View Secondary School
  • Lakeside Family Services
  • Singapore Cancer Society
  • Republic Polytechnic
  • Care Corner Singapore
  • Rotary Family Service Centre

If you are interested in donating to the programme, joining us as a beneficiary, or would simply like to find out more, we would love to hear from you! Drop us an email and say hello!

Find out what some of our beneficiaries have to say about their Be My Guest experience:

The wee Question Mark and The Mountain Movers, 2019 | “The show is engaging and entertaining. I was particularly very impressed with the creation of songs and lyrics. Myself was pretty entertained throughout the whole show and thought the show ended with an open-ended question, it got the youths thinking…” What I acknowledged, and what resonated with me the most, is the fact that our work performance is often affected by unnecessary fears and worries.”

- Brian Zhang, FaithActs

The wee Question Mark and The Mountain Movers, 2019 | “Our seniors & staff had enjoyed the production very much. The actor/actresses were very entertaining and expressive in their performance. In particular, their interaction with the audience during the play was brilliantly carried out, and this made the audience feel included. We look forward to other opportunities again.”

- Annie Ong, MWS Charis ACE – Geylang East

Four Horse Road, 2018 | “What was good about this experience was how it showcased Singapore's rich historical past though creative arts. The live locations and sets in which the scenes were portrayed were not static, thus allowing for some participation by our youths. The youths shared that they were reminded of lessons which they have learnt in the school, they enjoyed the sets and costumes as well! Kudos on bringing the textbooks to life...Good job guys! We would certainly be keen to participate if there are suitable shows in which our youths can benefit from.”

- Remington Heng, CROSSROAD Youth Centre

Four Horse Road, 2018 | “ This is our first time watching a theatre performance and it is definitely a new experience to watch and interact with the characters from a close proximity. Overall, our beneficiaries enjoyed the performance and it was captivating to learn about Singapore’s history from this unique perspective. We will be happy if you keep the community we serve in mind for your future production.”

- Lai Yoke Fong Stephanie, Rotary Family Service Centre

Immortalx, 2018 | “The character all very interesting I can teach a lot of 人物描写. I also asked them to do the booklet because it’s rather enriching “

- Ms. Suriyani, Bedok View Secondary School

The Ordinary and The Unspectacular, 2018 | “It was a very unique experience for all our elderly to watch a silent performance. To some, their only experience was watching the silent movie of Charlie Chaplin way back in the 1960’s and 70’s. It required them to dig deep into their imagination. I thank you for this opportunity.”

- Lua Chee Hong, O’Joy Care Service