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In the winds of Destiny, not the purest of spirits nor the most wretched of sinners will be spared. The Tempest casts all adrift, and lingering perdition shall soon befall one after another.

Once again, The Theatre Practice continues its dual tradition of reinterpreting classics, and facilliating international collaborations between overseas and Singaporean artists in this production of The Tempest. Combining live theatre, shadow puppetry and an evocative soundscape by Helge Hinteregger, guest director Martina Winkel (Theatre Ohne Grenzen, Austria) presents a fantastical multi-sensory interpretation of Shakespeare’s final play, with three actors and one shadow puppeteer bringing to life the multiple characters that inhabit the magical world of Prospero’s island.

Date: 22 April – 2 May 2004

Venue: The Substation | Guinness Theatre

Director: Martina Winkel

Sound Design: Helge Hinteregger

Lighting Design: Yo Shao Ann

Cast: Chacko G Vadaketh, Jonathan Lim, Yeo Yann Yann, Tan Beng Tian

“This production’s great strength is in the sheer sense of magic that pervades every moment. From the faint but constant soundscape by Helge Hinteregger to the shadow pictures that flit across the back wall, the theatre fairly tingles with an electric sense of possibility. Rather than watching the characters stumble their way through various bits of sorcery as is usually the case, we share the same magical space that they inhabit … There are plays that engage your brain and plays that engage your heart. I always thought of THE TEMPEST as being in the former category, but The Theatre Practice has shown that this play has a great big heart beating beneath its intellectual surface.”

– Flying Inkpot (