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The Bride Always Knocks Twice

A door that is never locked
A house where time stands still
A group of women who each have secrets from a different era in Singapore’s history
Suddenly, someone knocks on the door…

The Bride Always Knocks Twice is a multi-lingual feast that features a dynamic ensemble of 8 women. Through the myriad of identities presented, this absurdist comedy is a celebration of the female voice in Singapore history, featuring iconic characters such as a Samsui woman, a Chinese National immigrant, the concubine of Sultan Iskandar Shah and a nun.

Quintessentially Singaporean, playwrights Liu Xiao Yi and Jonathan Lim join forces to present a conversational and candid look at the intersections of gender, societal expectations and nationhood.

Date: 22 March – 6 April 2013
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre


Playwright: Joanathan Lim, Liu Xiaoyi

Director: Kuo Jian Hong

Assistant Director: Rei Poh

Set Design: Chen Szu-Feng

Costume Design: Theresa Chan

Lighting Design: Gabriel Chan
Sound Design: Sandra Tay

Hair Design: Ashley Lim

M.A.C Creative Artist: Beno Lim

Cast: Mia Chee, Isabella Chiam, Goh Guat Kian, Hung Chit Wah Felix, Judy Ngo, Su Chun Ying, Karen Tan, Siti Khalijah Zainal 

We, have been wanting to tell a tale about Singaporeans, set in Singapore.

We, have also been wanting to tell a profound tale in a simple way,

We, roam freely across time, space, languages, cultures, and throw in to that light bulbs, captain’s ball, ping pong and ipad.

We, let 2 men write the tale of 8 women, to create a world that is familiar, yet imaginative.

8 women, diverse in identity, background, mindset and hardly able to understand the others’ languages, are capable of ways to communicate, to be inclusive to co-exist.

8 women, though only 8 of them, are also capable of ways to ostracize each other, be suspicious of each other discriminate against each other.

8 women, when their self interest and survival are threatened, are they able to maintain mutual respect?

The door has been pried open. Singaporeans. Women. Human.

The door has been pried open. Them. Us.

Kuo Jian Hong

“Wonderfully inspirational…” – The Straits Times

“《她门》把荒诞和滑稽巧妙地糅合,人物和事件的错位,喜剧性格的凸显,都有助于营造一个富于喜剧感而又耐人寻味的剧场效应. . . 为本土荒诞剧创作呈现了一次很棒的演练。” – 《联合早报》

“There is something wonderfully inspirational in how it gathers eight figures from across time, acknowledging that there have always been moments when women have felt trapped and that, always, they have longed for escape. But does it advocate that women come together in sympathy at these junctures? Or does it decry escapism, insisting that we must leave our places of refuge to confront our problems?
— Ng Yi-Sheng, The Straits Times, 27 March 2013