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The Little Windmills Take the Stage 2018

“Go, go, go, go, go, hand in mine, friend come let’s go. Go, go, go, go, go, on an adventure, here we go!” The anticipated moment has arrived. The children enter the stage with a great desire to perform their items for their audience. Some of them confident, some of them shy, together they perform uninhibitedly while their parents celebrate their year of growth and learning downstage.

The Little Windmills take the Stage! is an annual presentation of students from The Theatre Practice Education Project’s Children Course. After a year of learning, each class takes their significant moment on stage to showcase their fruits of learning on this special day to their loved ones in a 10-minute presentation.

We value the growth of the children over their amazing performances on stage. Let us hold an open heart and witness the friendship they have built up, the self-confidence they have cultivated, and their growth. Let this stage bring you more laughter and warmth.

Date: 18.11.2018

Venue: Practice Space

Everything we do at The Theatre Practice is guided by the spirit of play. When you play, you free up the mind. When you play, your brain is stimulated, and suddenly even the impossible becomes possible. Who knows play better than children? Indeed, their overflowing creativity and zest of life makes them masters of play.

As my father would say, play is serious business, and The Little Windmills take
the Stage! showcase is the product of some very serious play. Inspired by this year’s theme – The Forest, our children have imbued their irrepressible spirit and undying curiosity in every aspect of this production – from the script writing, to the props and costumes, to the performance itself. Our teachers have harnessed this spirit, as they learn about the importance of nature and conservation, teamwork and friendship. In fact, we hope you will continue nurturing the spirit of play by asking your children about their experiences crafting the performance you see today!

As we celebrate the growth of our children, I would like to thank the teachers, parents and friends for your unwavering and invaluable support over the years. You have been such great playmates and I hope we can continue playing together as we continue to welcome more saplings to our forest every year.

Kuo Jian Hong
Artistic Director, The Theatre Practice