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The Story After Ah Q

A tragicomedy of troublesome proportions by The Theatre Practice, in collaboration with PIP Theatre & OTheatre (Singapore / Hong Kong)

This story takes place in Weizhuang, or the village of the future.

Ah Q, or rather the remnants of Ah Q lives here. The revolution has ended (or has it?) and it is said that Ah Q was executed. Did he really die?

Some say he has not died. He has changed his appearance and made his fortune in the city!

Some say he cannot die. He has become a monk… Amituofo.

Some say he is a revolutionary hero! A statue has been erected in his village. Go see it!

Some say he impregnated a woman who delivered quadruplets, looking exactly like him.

Some say he has never existed: He is but a fictitious character invented by an irritating writer by the name of Lu Xun.


90 years after Lu Xun penned The True Story of Ah Q, Hong Kong’s eminent theatre director Olivia Yan, together with eight veteran performers, decided to take matters into their own hands and create a bold theatrical response that promises to expose Ah Quism and all its mucky glory!


Join us in this slightly crazed and exuberant ride, from the incomplete revolution of 1911 to the present day in a brilliant blend of fiction and observation. Revel in a tragicomedy of mind-boggling dimensions and participate in the odyssey of Ah Q’s troublesome afterlife!

The Story After Ah Q was also presented at the Taipei Arts Festival 2012.

Date: 8 – 18 September 2011

Venue: The Joyden Hall

Festival: Chinese Theatre Festival 2011

Director: Olivia Yan

Costume Designer: Tsang Man-Tung

Lighting Designer: Kuo Jian Hong

Sound Designer: Sandra Tay