10 / 10 Variation

10 seconds, how long is it?
Long. Short. Too much. Too little.
Grab every moment. Wears on like years.
In a lifetime, how many 10 seconds are there?
From life to death, how many 10 seconds are there?
Time. In between time. How does one live?

One table, two chairs, one man, one woman, a countdown. A show with man’s most fundamental mode of expression.

10 Variation is an experiment that reduces a human body to the fundamentals through a combination of improvised and rehearsed gestures. Starkly powerful, this cross-cultural exhibition combines the talents of two touring artists and two local artists in an exploration on how different bodies respond to the same stimulus.

10 Variation has toured to ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival 2016 and Nanjing Experimental Theatre Festival 2015.

Language: Non-verbal performance

Duration: 1 hour

Recommended Audience Capacity: 50 – 150

Genre: Interdisciplinary Theatre

Touring Company:
2 x Touring Cast + 2 x Local Cast
1 x Director
1 x Producer/Tour Manager
4 x Production Crew

For enquiries about touring productions, please contact us at [email protected].