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Blank Run

in a strange and isolated room /
she recollects her fragmented past /
her story / ambiguous / her experience / obscured
the room murmurs / a trauma beyond words
late is the night /
when sleep subsides / when nightmare looms
when truth lies in the furthest light /

Blank Run is a harrowing insight into the mind of a woman confronting the traumas of sexual assault. It questions whether one can really ‘move on’ from the aftermath of said trauma. Combining video installation, soundscape, moving sets and physical theatre, Blank Run is a memory landscape that envelopes its audiences in a multisensory experience. It is a theatrical jigsaw puzzle, as each element constructs its own version of ‘what really happened’.

Do you dare enter her mind?

Blank Run has toured to ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival 2016 and World Stage Design 2017 in Taipei and made its Singapore debut at the M1 Chinese Theatre Festival 2017 where a post-show discussion was held in partnership with the Sexual Assault Care Centre at Association of Women for Action and Research, Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group. It was also nominated for Best Multimedia at The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards 2018.

Language: Multilingual (Performance contains minimal speech)

Duration: 50 minutes

Recommended Audience Capacity: 50 – 150

Genre: Interdisciplinary Theatre

Touring Company:
1 x Cast
1 x Director
1 x Producer/Tour Manager
6 x Production Crew

“… a taut, psychological thriller with a sting in tail.”

– The Straits Times

“Blank Run is an immensely disturbing work brimming with raw emotion that does a fantastic job of portraying the complicated nature of trauma.”


“Blank Run as successfully depicted the contradictions of memory – how it is unreliable, illogical, inconsistent – but above all, raw, haunting and unforgiving.”

– Arts Equator

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