Four Horse Road

Four Horse Road remains true to the Practice spirit of good play, taking a bigger, bolder look at identity and our sense of belonging. Inspired by real historical events that once took place on Waterloo Street, Four Horse Road peels away the layers of one of Singapore’s oldest streets to uncover decades of buried stories and forgotten people. Conceptualised by The Theatre Practice’s Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong and playwright Jonathan Lim, Four Horse Road is an intimate experience on an epic scale.

2 Centuries. 10 Locations. 3 Heritage Buildings. 50 artists. 1 unique theatrical adventure. This is an awe-inspiring theatrical event you need to be part of.

Welcome to Four Horse Road.

Four Horse Road Reimagined
Commissioning and Partnership Opportunities:

Four Horse Road presents exciting new opportunities for commissioning and partnerships as we bring this unique experiential theatrical experience to your town.

Work with our creative team to excavate the hidden histories of an area and bring it to life through a series of intimate vignettes that explore deeply universal human themes through multiple genres comedy, romance, horror and satire.

This exciting format is deeply flexible and the existing theatrical structure of Four Horse Road can be easily customized to suit different locations and settings, from multiple houses to a large building. With a show this scale and audiences embarking on different tracks throughout the night, Four Horse Road is a logistical marvel. Our creative team works in tandem with our technical and front-of-house teams, whose logistic and scheduling capabilities, alongside their expert technical knowledge, provide the support and infrastructure needed to their artistic ambitions.

Language: Multilingual performance

Genre: Site-Specific

Touring Company:
8 X Creative
1 X Producer/Touring Manager
16 X Production Crew

Local Talents:
Cast, guides and show tech to be sourced locally.

A production with 10 short stories may require an estimate of 40 talents

“Some of The Theatre Practice’s most alluring works comes from its site-specific plays, and this production does not disappoint…history has never seemed so fun.” The Straits Times
“this ambitious show (is) The Theatre Practice’s biggest and possibly most intricate attempt to date”


“Four Horse Road successfully presents the complexities of historical narratives, and the tensions that arise from excavating the disparate spatial memories of Waterloo Street.”

– Centre 42

For enquiries about touring productions, please contact us at [email protected].