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The Bride Always Knocks Twice

​A door that is never locked
A house where time stands still
A group of women who each have secrets from a different era in Singapore’s history
Suddenly, someone knocks on the door…

The Bride Always Knocks Twice is a multi-lingual feast that features a dynamic ensemble of 8 women. Through the myriad of identities presented, this absurdist comedy is a celebration of the female voice in Singapore history, featuring iconic characters such as a Samsui woman, a Chinese National immigrant, the concubine of Sultan Iskandar Shah and a nun.

Quintessentially Singaporean, playwrights Liu Xiao Yi and Jonathan Lim join forces to present a conversational and candid look at the intersections of gender, societal expectations and nationhood.

Language: Multilingual performance with English and Mandarin surtitles

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Recommended Audience Capacity: 200 – 400

Genre: Theatre

Touring Company:
8 x Cast
1 x Director
1 x Producer/Tour Manager
14 x Production Crew

“Wonderfully inspirational…”

– The Straits Times

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