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The Ordinary and The Unspectacular

After each breath
Before the next
Time streams
Into the moments
Of timelessness

The Ordinary and The Unspectacular is a contemplation of the minutiae of everyday life. When each snapshot in time is magnified, the everyday becomes estranged and the simplicity of each movement takes on new depth and meaning. Devised alongside a distinguished veteran cast of Singapore theatre practitioners, Director Okorn-Kuo Jing Hong places the aging body front and centre, magnifying, examining and celebrating it for the journey it has travelled so far.

Language: Non-verbal performance

Duration: 2 hours

Recommended Audience Capacity: 120 – 180

Genre: Physical Theatre

Touring Company:
8 X Cast
1 X Director
3 X Creative
1 x Producer/Tour Manager
4 X Crew

“There is nothing ordinary about the performances here.”

– The Straits Times

“…a brave piece that pushes its audience and its actors by stretching the definitions of storytelling…this hugely vulnerable production calls attention to the innate beauty, ugliness and strength of the human body, at every and any age.”

– Centre 42

“Visually, The Ordinary and The Unspectacular has plenty of stunning moments that keep audience members hanging off every scene.”


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