Against the current, they battle upstream.
Against the current, they struggle to return home.
In spite of all hazards, they single-mindedly trace their journey home.

Kuo Pao Kun’s 1991 production 0Zero01 conjured the imagery of salmons swimming against the current, in search for their roots. This year, inspired by 0Zero01 – The Practice Lab will excavate personal memories, family histories and cultural origins, as revisit their existential present and reignite their primal thirst for living. Over the past year, this group of artists engaged in actor training, improvisation in their exploration of the relationship between body, time and space. 

Taking on the role of playwright, director and actor, each lab member will present a monologue inspired by their personal stories as the final stop of a year-long journey, and the beginnings of a brand new adventure. This experiment-in-progress is guided by Lab director Liu Xiaoyi. Upstream will also be the last performance in Stamford Arts Centre staged by The Theatre Practice. We cordially invite you to relive the memories with us and seek the origins of You, Me and Them. 

Upstream was also presented at the Shanghai ACT International Theatre Festival 2016.

The Practice Lab: Poor Theatre Series

Date: 14 – 24 October 2015

Director: Liu Xiao Yi

Practice Lab 2015
Choon Woon Yong, Darren Guo, Zachary Ho, Hung Chit-Wah, Felix, Lee Qian Yu, Ric Liu, Neo Hai Bin, Ng Mun Poh, Benjamin Wong,Zee Wong, Jasmine Xie Hui Lin

“Essentially, we must realise that some traumas become committed to muscle memory – they cannot be forgotten or forgiven, like how you will never forget how to ride a bike. The struggles make us who we are, and we simply must find a way to move on. In a way, Upstream can be likened to a forum theatre. This experimental series allows audience to gain access to the performers and realise that artistes, too, are of flesh and blood.”