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Woman: Tell me more, Lights Up, Fox Tale

Woman is a triple bill about women and womanhood, directed, devised and performed by women from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore.

The Theatre Practice invited three female directors from three different mandarin speaking communities, Assistant Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice Wong May Lan, Artistic Director of Cinematic Theatre Carmen Lo Ching-man (Hong Kong) and Fat Bird Theatre Director Song Jie (Shenzhen) to explore the different facets of womanhood through the various chapters of life.

Tell Me More (presented by Cinematic Theatre (Hong Kong))

A woman writer fascinated by the world of theatre spends her time daydreaming about being the characters she sees. But after living through Juliet, Chen Bailu (of Sun Rise), Du Liniang (of Peony Pavilion), Blanche (of A Street Car Named Desire), Helen Keller, and others, she begins to wonder why they led such lives, and the role of fate in their lives.

Through her eyes, the play explores the fates of different women from the past and present; women who have lived lives with no regrets and pursued their dreams with passion.

Lights Up

In Lights Up, a middle-aged woman who discovers that she has a terminal illness frantically tries to fulfil all her dreams and put her life in order. Her only wish is to leave in peace: “She has lived her life, now she is gone.”

Lights Up takes a closer look at the universal fear of loneliness and death through the lens of womanhood and explores how women from different parts of the world perceive things differently and what they choose to observe. What exactly is a woman’s choice? What is a woman’s decision?

Fox Tales (presented by Fat Bird Theatre (China))

Transformation is an innate ability of the fox. It will first change to the human form and ultimately, into a deity. For this, it is willing to pay any price. Even with its life.

The Fox and the wandering Spirit will remain truthful to their fates. They welcome changes with calm and joy; they know with changes come hope and this is their song in praise of change.
A symbol of divinity and prosperity, or a sign of ill-luck and ill-premonition? Fox Words and Spirit Sayings looks at society’s shifting attitudes towards women through the examination of the contrasting cultural associations between the fox and spirit characters in classic Chinese literature and mythology.

Date: 19 – 21 December 2003

Venue: Esplanade Theatre Studio

Tell Me More (presented by Cinematic Theatre (Hong Kong))

Director: Carmen Lo Ching-man, Suen Wai Fong

Producer: Shawn Tang

Sound Designer: Jiang Da Yun

Set and Costume Designer: Lee Fung Bacchus

Cast: Carmen Lo Ching-Man

Lights Up

Director and Concept: Wong May Lan

Creative Team: Wong May Lan, Leanne Ong, Teck Lian, Yeo Yann Yann

Musician: George Chua

Movement Instructor: Kuo Jing Hong

Cast: George Chua, Leanne Ong Teck Lian, Yeo Yann Yann

Fox Tales (presented by Fat Bird Theatre (China))

Director: Song Jie

Creative Team: Song Jie, Yang Qian, Kuo Jing Hong

Mask Designer: Hoi Chiu

Cast: Kuo Jing Hong, Xue Qi

Woman was also presented at the Guangzhou city Drama Troupe Theatre (Guangzhou) and the Hong Kong Arts Centre (Hong Kong) in 2004.